Ready to start, launch, or grow your new business? Join the 5-day Build Your Biz Bootcamp and learn all of the necessary information you need to see success with your online business.
  •  Discover what types of services your business should provide
  •  Figure out that whole "niching" thing and who your ideal client is
  •  Solidify a business name that will grow with you into the future
  •  Choose the best website platform for you and get all the tech up and running 
  •  Start building a social media presence that will skyrocket your visibility
What my students have to say about me
Hi there! I'm Miranda Nahmias, your drill sergeant for the next 5 days. I'm super passionate about helping women start and grow online service-based businesses.

If that sounds like you (or you're hoping to be a business owner soon!), I hope that you'll join me in this challenge and hustle your booty off over the next few days.
  •  My husband and I have two cats named Sam and Ellie (and they are the cutest things ever!)
  •  Obsessed with Dunkin Donuts (no, seriously, obsessed)
  •  Loves to cook, eat Halo Top ice cream (the peanut butter flavor is my fav!), and put together jigsaw puzzles
  •  I provide done-for-you digital marketing services for female online service providers (I love funnels, social media, and ghostwriting blog posts!)
  •  I graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor's Degree in English (and being able to say that is just about the only thing I've done with it since!)
  •  Lover of La Croix sparkling water, raspberries, and anything shaped like a heart.
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